No Invitations available

I can open a meeting no problem- but the invite people button does not appear - no fun having meeting on my own. On my iMac.
No probs on my phone.
How can I schedule a meeting in advance?

Why don’t I have an ‘invite people’ button on my iMac?

Are you using your own server, or

What browser are you using?

I’m doing it through the jitsi website. I have found I can set up a meeting from my phone and then access it on the desktop- a bit laborious but ok.

I take it the room is live as soon as it is set up… I can only add a time manually on the invite once I’ve exported it. Is that right?

Many thanks

Ps. Using Chrome.

A room is “live” when, and whenever, someone is in it.

So if you sent out an invite with, that’s sufficient. It will be opened when someone clicks on it.

On a jitsi-meet site other than site (I selected that one because it was closer to the participants), I have seen that the password set for a “room” lived only as long as it is actively used. As soon as the last attendant had left the room, the password was no longer necessary to re-enter the room. This password mechanism would require to be in the room as the first one, or you would not be able to st the password correctly. For the operator of a jitsi server, is there a setting which influences this behaviour (and: where is it? Any reference to a manual or installation setting?