No disconnect event when host leaves call with SIP phone call

Leaving a meeting with a caller leaves the SIP phone call open because I’m not getting any Disconnect events. I am using Vox Implant.

What do you mean? Is this on or on your deployment?
All participants leave and the sip call is still running? Do you have a configured JVB_INVITE timeout, and what is its value?
Is this an incoming or outgoing call?

Hey @damencho this is an outgoing call, I haven’t configured JVB_INVITE I need to check my environment variables, the SIP session is programmed to terminate on the disconnect of the jigasi user. However, upon hangup the in my SIP logs there’s no disconnect event. I can do some workaround using the iframe api and saving the SIP session reference to an external store, but that’s a bit of a workaround I’m trying to avoid.

What does hangup means? You are hanging up on the SIP side? Or?

I’m ending the call via the Jitsi UI and the moderator user is leaving and the phone call still remains despite the fact I’m listening to a call disconnect event. There never is one triggered.

You need to check on vox side, are you adding a disconnect listener for the jigasi leg of the call and when that is disconnected to hang up the other leg of the call?

Do you have your scripts checked out somewhere?