No bitrate message after join meet

Hello everyone! On chrome and edge user (not all) after joining meet we had next error in console and in status bar our status is lost. Have no idea whats wrong. Have any ideas? Thanks a lot!


2022-03-03T11:57:16.540Z [modules/statistics/AvgRTPStatsReporter.js] <hc._calculateAvgStats>: No “bitrate”
r @ Logger.js:154
_calculateAvgStats @ AvgRTPStatsReporter.js:610
t._onLocalStatsUpdated @ AvgRTPStatsReporter.js:534
r.emit @ events.js:158
(анонимная) @ ConnectionQuality.js:199
r.emit @ events.js:158
jc._onIceConnectionInterrupted @ JitsiConference.js:2955
r.emit @ events.js:153
peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange @ JingleSessionPC.js:555
peerconnection.oniceconnectionstatechange @ TraceablePeerConnection.js:335
Logger.js:154 2022-03-03T11:57:21.283Z [modules/statistics/AvgRTPStatsReporter.js] <dc.addNext>: bandwidth_upload - invalid value for idx: 0 undefined
r @ Logger.js:154
addNext @ AvgRTPStatsReporter.js:44
_calculateAvgStats @ AvgRTPStatsReporter.js:638
t._onLocalStatsUpdated @ AvgRTPStatsReporter.js:534
r.emit @ events.js:158
_updateLocalStats @ ConnectionQuality.js:489
r.emit @ events.js:158
kn._processAndEmitReport @ RTPStatsCollector.js:400
kn.processStatsReport @ RTPStatsCollector.js:674
(анонимная) @ RTPStatsCollector.js:247
Объект Promise.then (асинхронный)
t @ RTPStatsCollector.js:241
Объект setInterval (асинхронный)
kn.start @ RTPStatsCollector.js:258
jn.startRemoteStats @ statistics.js:232
jc._acceptJvbIncomingCall @ JitsiConference.js:2308
jc.onIncomingCall @ JitsiConference.js:2208
r.emit @ events.js:153
onJingle @ strophe.jingle.js:218
run @ strophe.umd.js:1875
(анонимная) @ strophe.umd.js:3157
forEachChild @ strophe.umd.js:830
_dataRecv @ strophe.umd.js:3146
_onMessage @ strophe.umd.js:5836
Logger.js:154 2022-03-03T11:57:21.283Z [modules/statistics/AvgRTPStatsReporter.js] <dc.addNext>: bandwidth_download - invalid value for idx: 0 undefined

Are your users by any chance connecting from Russia?

I’ve seen similar cases where users from Russia are not able to join calls using Chrome, even when using same version as everyone else. It does however work with Firefox.

Apparently this is also affecting Google Meet, and there is allegedly some traffic blocking happening. See:

yes, from russia, and google meet not working too(((

do you have any ideas how to solve that?

Try Firefox for now?

firefox works as well and yandex

but what happened with Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera…?(

I’m not qualified to answer that I’m afraid. You might want to follow the chromium thread I posted above and get first hand info as they triage and eventually solve the issue.