No Audio or Video or both

I’m having a problem with starting and maintaining a conference call. Even with only two participants one or both have either no video (frozen picture, black picture or placeholder) or audio. Both can see their own video and the audio indicator when speaking. Only thing that helps is reloading the page on both sites until it works. Even if it works at the beginning, when switching between screen share and video, the video is dropped on one side.

I had jitsy meet running on a debian server for a while now. It all started some weeks ago. I can’t tell what changed. I did a fresh installation on ubuntu 18.04 now with the latest jitsy meet version 1.0.4101-1. But still the same problem. I tested with several clients (Win10 Firefox) in the same netzwork as the server and remote (other network segment/VPN). The only thing I changed to the stock installation was adding my own certificate. Everything else is untouched.

Is there anything I can do or check?

These are known Firefox problems and we are working on improving Firefox support in general. Meanwhile, use Chrome, thank you.

I’m not a tech person at all, but our small enterprise uses jitsi to host discussions between our tutors and learners. We do this by having a link set up that we use all the time and we recommend that participants use Chrome. I think some use the Jitsi Meet app on their phones as well.

Most times this works reasonably well, but sometimes people report they tried to join and either nothing happened or they could only see and hear themselves - everyone else was just a coloured circle with a letter in it and all their microphones and cameras appear muted.

We usually link the Jitsi meet up to an Unlisted Streaming instance of YouTube, so people can watch the discussion later.

Today we had a special guest so there were around 10-12 people trying to join. Almost everyone had difficulties. The session was hosted by a colleague so I tested trying to join in and I couldn’t get in successfully. I either got in but couldn’t see or hear the other participants, or I couldn’t get in at all. Jitsi started but my camera and microphone remained off and nothing happened.

I suspect that sometimes issues might be caused by one of the participants, or even the host, trying to check YouTube to see if it’s broadcasting when they’re in the Jitsi Meet, but that can’t account for all of the difficulties.

Does anyone have any suggestions? We have an increasing number of disgruntled learners, and while I really like Jitsi when it works, I think we’re getting close to abandoning it.

@Tepara do you have any information about the browser used? Can you eventually send us the URL used for the meeting so we can take a look?

I’ve asked what browser the host person was using and I’ll post when I hear from her, but I was using Chrome which usually works fine. I’ll PM you the URL … except I can’t see where to do that. I can’t see a ‘Message’ option for you.