No audio or video after server restart


New to this forum, bear with me. I have had a struggle getting Jitsi Meet installed on a VM in our office behind a NAT firewall. I followed the installation instruction implicitly, including the additional ice4j NAT_HARVESTER options for public and local. I perhaps incorrectly assumed that restarting the Ubuntu server would restart the services and apply the configuration.

What I have found though (which may or may not be a problem) is that after every server restart, the Jitsi Meet stops serving audio and video and throws errors. What I have found is that simply restarting jicofo, jitsi-videobridge and prosody (in that order) makes the meeting possible again. Is this a thing or is this an issue?

This problem has cost me some time looking through logs and trying to figure it out so if it helps anyone in the future or can be fixed (?), maybe it would help.

PS also a complete linux novice

All depends what is the problem after restart. Have you checked the client logs, or for example jicofo logs? What is the problem there?

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I have noticed the same problem. Would love to understand the problem.

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I have fixed this problem in my quick install by forcing systemd to use the init.d script for jvb.