No audio & no video after fresh install on Ubuntu 18.0.4

Hi there, I just made a fresh install of Jitsi Meet on my Ubuntu machine - it’s hosted by a provider, i.e. no NAT whatsoever. I tested with current releases of Chrome and Firefox on two different MacOS machines and also on my Android phone.

I followed the official documentation:

Steps to reproduce:

  • I start a new conference on Mac 1, everything looks normal
  • I join the conference on Mac 2, but on both machines there is no video of the other participant
  • I join via Android App and my video is shown on Mac 2 only while I receive the video from Mac 2, nothing on Mac 1

I checked the log files for warnings and errors, but there are only info entries.


To rule out my local machines as well as my network setup, I tested on and everything works just fine.

I’m running out of ideas and places to further investigate possible solutions.