No audio and video having 3 chatrooms simultaneously with more than 3 participants each


Hello everyone,

we have running jitsi-meet on a Debian stretch machine as a vhost within apache webserver:
jitsi-meet - Version 1.0.3383-1
jitsi-videobridge - Version 1093-1
apache2 - Version 2.4.25
Java OpenJDK Runtime Environment : Version 1.8.0_181

Our participants however are facing very strange issues when jitsi is having more than one meetingrooms opened with more than 3 participants each.

The issues are:
Some of the participants can not hear the others, others can not hear them, some see no video - only black screen, some do only see themselves in video, but not the other participants in the same chatroom.

We have set up jitsi according to the documentation and also opened the mentioned ports in our firewall (iptables).

In the jitsi and jicofo logs we can not see any unusual happening so far.

Is anyone able to help us identifying the issue in our installation/configuration?



What is the available bandwidth on the server?

Does it work ok, with just one conference and 3 participants?


And also, does it make a difference if you use That would help us understand whether there’s a problem somewhere in the stack or in the specific deployment.


Hi all,

our bandwith is 100Mb/s full duplex. It works well with one room and 3 participants.
And using we face none of those problems we are facing on our own server.



my guess is, u need a coturn server


Hi all,

Tanvir i don’t see the reason why. Our jitsi server is not natted so there is no need to use any turn server in between to reach it.
Besides this, jitsi-videobridge is well able to talk TCP - TURN is so far only needed for clients having difficulties to work UDP.


This is not fully correct, jvb supports TCP but not a real ssl connection (using google’s pseudo ssl handshake) so some enterprise firewalls detect that and drop the connection, that’s why a coturn server works very well with enabled turns on port 443.

About your problem, it is really strange how a second conference can affect the first one. This could only happen if bandwidth is a problem for example. Or another option is that jvb is struggling for resources. When you reproduce the problem have you checked jvb machine resources like CPU and RAM?


Hi all,

Damencho i checked our server and urged my colleagues opening several rooms with fully HD video and audio while checking the load.
Server load increases as expected and video gets unstable. In parallel, we have a mariaDB running on the server and i guess jvb and maria are too much for the machine (8 CPU, 32 GB of RAM). Since as soon as i stopped the database video sequences start to recover. At the end we had 2 rooms crowded with 8 people having full HD video online.
This check worked so far but i am quite skeptical that it will be stable or that the mariaDB did harm JVB or its ressources causing the problems i mentioned in my first post.

We will see. The colleagues unfortunately are not happy with jitsi at the moment because of those problems.