No audio and video after fresh self-hosted install?

Hello. I’ve recently installed Jitsi on our server and everything went fine with the install. When in a call, there is no audio and video even if it is allowed (chrome). Is there anything I might have missed when installing Jitsi? I used the automated install.

I also have ports 80,443,4443, and 10000 open on the firewall

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: I forgot to open 10000 on the router.

EDIT 2: I realized it only works on my phone and my pc, but not on other peoples device. Is there any way I can fix this?

EDIT 3: The problem is that the audio and video works only on devices connected to my network at home. Once another person joins that is not connected to my Wi-Fi, the audio and video stops working until that person leaves.

Is the server in your home network?

No. it’s on our school

Is there a VPN connection between the school and the home?
Or do you access the server through Internet without VPN?

without vpn

Sounds like it’s behind a NAT. The issue you’re having seems indicative - you have to forward those ports on your router. Also, make sure the ports are forwarded correctly (e.g. 10000 is udp, not tcp e.t.c…)

Since it’s only working for your network, it can be a miss configured firewall on the server side. Are you sure the ports open to the world, not only to a specific IP/network?

i opened up port 10000 on both router and ufw. I tried downgrading the server to ubuntu 18.04 but now it cant start a video conference even on LAN. it kicks out everyone when more than 1 person joined. here’s the error on the console.

[conference.js] <ee._onConferenceFailed>: CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.videobridgeNotAvailable

Seems that the videobridge service is not running or miss configured

i think so but videobridge2 is running. i cant find videobridge but it used to work on ubuntu 20.04 but not on 18.04

I think the problem has been fixed? i uninstalled everything and checked if there is anything else jitsi related stuff left and uninstalled it too. Then used quick install and didn’t touch anything. Especially the “running behind nat” thing on the guide. No one is getting kicked out of the room anymore but i cant test the cameras since i dont have a webcam and only have one phone with me. I tried viewing it on remote desktop connected to our server and i can see the feed on my phone so i guess its working.

steps i did:

sudo apt-get purge jigasi jitsi-meet jitsi-meet-web-config jitsi-meet-prosody jitsi-meet-turnserver jitsi-meet-web jicofo jitsi-videobridge jitsi-videobridge2 prosody

sudo apt autoremove

sudo dpkg -l jitsi-meet

sudo apt-get install jitsi-meet

sudo /usr/share/jitsi-meet/scripts/

not touching advanced config seemed to fix my no video and audio problems, and uninstall everything related to jitsi fixed the videobridgenotavailable.

Had a very similar issue. On a dedicated server in a data center, no NAT. Was already about to give up. Stumbled upon this thread, followed your steps – and now it works!

Have to correct myself, it doesn’t work; I must have tried with both clients coming from the same net.

hmm. sorry for the very very late reply. Weird. I tried it on different networks and it works properly. Could possibly be firewall and port issues maybe