No audio and video after fresh self-hosted install?

Hello. I’ve recently installed Jitsi on our server and everything went fine with the install. When in a call, there is no audio and video even if it is allowed (chrome). Is there anything I might have missed when installing Jitsi? I used the automated install.

I also have ports 80,443,4443, and 10000 open on the firewall

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

EDIT: I forgot to open 10000 on the router.

EDIT 2: I realized it only works on my phone and my pc, but not on other peoples device. Is there any way I can fix this?

EDIT 3: The problem is that the audio and video works only on devices connected to my network at home. Once another person joins that is not connected to my Wi-Fi, the audio and video stops working until that person leaves.

Is the server in your home network?

No. it’s on our school

Is there a VPN connection between the school and the home?
Or do you access the server through Internet without VPN?