No audio and video after fresh install on Debian 10 server

I have followed the installation instructions and installed nginx and jitsi-meet on a fresh instance of Debian 10. The installation works fine, and after accepting the self-signed certificate I can connect from two different clients (laptop with Chrome via home wifi, cellphone with Chrome via 4G). Chat messages can be exchanged, but both sides only see their own video. No audio or video of the other participants arrives, I can only see the avatars and indicators stating that the participants mic and cam are muted (which they are not).

Thanks for any hints on how to troubleshoot this properly!

So far the only suspicious line I can identify in the JavaScript console:

Logger.js:125 [JitsiConference.js] <p2pJingleSession.terminate.reason>:  An error occurred while trying to terminate P2P Jingle session {code: undefined, reason: "item-not-found", session: "JingleSessionPC[p2p=true,initiator=false,sid=cae4a6d290f4]"}

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Is your server behind nat? If ya then you need to map ur local and public IP using advanced configuration section from quick install doc…and open udp port 10000 and tcp 4443 both directions

Thanks for the suggestion, but this server is installed on a VPS and publically available. No router or firewall involved as it is a fresh installation, too.