No Audio and No Video

GoodMorning everybody,
I try to set up a jitsi meet on my onw servers, but i meet some problem with the video and audio.
Nobody can see the cam of the other users nor earing the audio?
The access of my serve is in DMZ, and throught a reverse proxy (nginx). The UDP 10000 port is open in the Firewall of the DMZ.
Can somme one helping me?

Sorry for my poor englis :frowning:

Check chrome://webrtc-internals/ in Chrome while trying to join the meeting. Do ICE candidates match what you expect?

no i’m no see succeeded, i just see in progress???

Is UDP/10000 allowed from to 10.67.x.x or 176.162.x.x?
Are NAT rules OK?

exact it’s a firewall rule is missing, now i can ear and view in my LAN…
not throught internet, thanks a lot for your help.

I finally open the UDP port in my Firewall, but i still no have sound nor video?
Can anybody help me?

Here is my network like:

I think the problem is in the reverse proxy a debian one, with two interfaces?

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 8.28.21 AM

JVB needs to advertise that public address of the Internet-facing FW and UDP on port 10000 needs to reach from there to jvb following the arrow. I don’t think reverse proxy supports UDP …

Thanks for replying.
I try to set up nginx reverse proxy with this setting:

upstream meet_udp {
        server 10.67.X.X:10000;

server {
    listen 10000 udp;
    proxy_pass meet_udp;
    proxy_responses 0;


I don’t think this is valid.

i try with following this tips???

And this doc:

This is not the free version of Nginx.

ok, thanks a lot.
So my jitsi project is NOK :frowning: (bad news).