No access from the external network.

Hello. For three days now I have discovered that I do not have jitsi from an external network. When connected, gives an error

Uh oh! We couldn’t fully download everything we needed :frowning: We will try again shortly, in the mean time, check for problems with your Internet connection! show more reload now.

Missing = 5913.

The lib-jitsi-meet.min.js file itself is in place. It is interesting that if you go from the internal network and then continue to use without cleansing the browser cache everything works, the site is available. At the same time, everything works great inside the network. Ports are thrown, letsencrypt certificates are received, I don’t know how to watch. Please help)))

Check your nginx logs, you will get an idea why nginx cannot serve this file.

The fact is that the nginx logs are empty, he absolutely does not say anything. For 3 days))) I can’t understand what’s the matter)) I noticed this behavior after cleaning the browser cache. At the same time, the mobile application works stably

The mobile app does not download lib-jitsi-meet.

Well, try fixing the access/error logs of nginx so you know what’s wrong.

I have been working with nginx relatively recently, thank you, I’ll try to change the level of logs to look in this direction. From your answer, I realized that nginx cannot process this file, which leads to this error. I understood everything correctly)))?

Yep, you should see in the access log the attempt to download.

Check and your browser console logs in the developer tools, maybe you have some other problem, I see “net::ERR_HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR 200”

The file can be downloaded from the link but there is some other problem.

How I will definitely unsubscribe from this task, thank you)

Hi Spv even I am stuck at the same. Need a guide to deploy jitsi meet on kubernetes. Have deployed pods and services. Can access jitsi meet via web/service by doing reverse proxy but when adding ingress controller i am not able to access it via nginx reverse proxy.

Have the same error Missing version_number

Can access it inside the machine via ingress controller url.

Using Minikube for deployment

hi I can look at my proxy config, maybe it will give something))) but now I don’t have access to it, I’ll try to answer it tomorrow)