Nginx webpage is opening rather Jitsi meet dns

Hi ,

Successfully installed jitsi meet. while opening my url it it showing nginx rather jitsi meet web page. how to resolve it.

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Did you try to connect using the host address of Jitsi?
Don’t use IP

emrah: Where can i find host address of Jitsi?

You must have set it during installation.
Check the Nginx sites: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

@Pandi_PalaniChamy check this out: "The value for the hostname that is set in Jitsi Videobridge installaion."

Hi . Able to connect . while opening url keep on reconnecting . attached images for reference

@Pandi_PalaniChamy, I do not see any images attached to your post.

Also, before others will be able to get to your meeting, you will need a valid https address (for example https://meet.<your_domain>.com) with a verified SSL certificate. HTTPS is required for WebRTC. Also, a self-signed cert will work for your own testing but will not be trusted by others and will not work in the mobile apps.

@Corby: this is public ip: if you open that one Camera not working even though enabled access in chrome . my issue is keep on trying to reconnect

@Pandi_PalaniChamy, you cannot use http, you must use https for this to work.

How can i add permission to enable Audio/Video ?
attached screenshot