Nginx rewrite so jitsi-meet always opens the same room

Hello everyone.

We love jitsi and have a small remote education project about the Internet of Things for kids. During the last days I was trying to set up nginx rewrite to be able to open a single room for the course, no matter the specific address.

What I would like to have: - should go to
also, anything appended to the domain url should also go to the predefined room name

I already set up the authentication module via prosody, I just need this rewrite to work in order to ensure the kids can access my hosted jitsi easily. Could somebody help me with this? There are several rewrites already present in the nginx config file and I think there is interference between the default and my new rewrite.

Is there a way of making this possible? Can someone help me with this?
Thank you!

I am trying to achieve the same thing. Did you have any success? Please let me know if you do. Likewise, I will post here if I find a way.

Maybe this will help

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