Nginx proxy pass to UNIX file socket


I’ve configured Nginx on my Docker host to forward traffic to my Discourse server by following this guide. This works great! I want to do the same for Jitsi.

This is needed mainly to have one IPv4 address with a 80/443 socket. I don’t want to put this reverse proxy in Docker itself, this is because I also want to host on IPv6 as well and my VPS only gives me a /64 subnet. A /48 is needed to make IPv6 work as it should be (/64 subnets). Since I only have one /64, I want to use the reverse proxy on the Docker host itself and forward traffic to the Docker instance through Nginx.

So Discourse fixes this nicely by exposing a UNIX file socket (unix:/var/discourse/shared/standalone/nginx.http.sock). I don’t see this option in the env.example of the Jitsi containers. So this leaves me with the question: Would this be a nice feature request? Or is there a similar fix for this? I suppose I may also forward public 443 to localhost:8443, but this is not as clean as a UNIX file socket, which skips all the TCP/IP stuff and is more stable.

Any thoughts? :slight_smile:

In any case, it works by proxy the public 443 to the internal localhost 8443. But still interested in how other people may do this :slight_smile: