Nginx, coturn & port 443


Well, there are few fixes, it is basically one week of work for the whole team. I would say update.

Wasn’t it 4443???

I don’t get why people don’t simply add exception of ports for certain IPs…

I have no problem adding exceptions in our network, but I can’t ask every client to do so. Especially the bigger ones with 50.000+ employees tend to be quite uptight when it comes to firewall changes.

I am sorry I am still not sure where coturn should run for scaled instances. On the bridges? Or how does it find where to connect to? Scaling coturn is not the problem for me but which address is signaled ? The one of bridge or the main instance?

And yes, it’s a bit strange to have a complete change of the setup in just one apt update without a release change :/. And I think that’s what most people complain about here. It’s something which is normally not done.

Hey damencho!
I see Jitsi got updated. Is it safe to update on my system? Will it work after update, or will I have to do some changes?
And also what are the main differences now with default installation? Will the guide that I have made for myself with last release, will work with this new one?

just backup the config files to be on the safe side

An upgrade will “normally” not botch the existing one. what version are you upgrading from? stable OR unstable build?

Where can I change STUN and TURN server ports to standardized ones?

@damencho I can’t continue to be scared of remove that package because are wrongly configured :laughing:

When the merge?

Please I can’t reinstall a server every time jitsi broke up those stuff.

I’ve remade a server 3 times before yesterday since it also hosts different website behind nginx


Hello everyone. Can anyone share the settings of a NGINX reverse proxy server?
Because I always get the error

“/usr/share/jitsi-meet/index.html” is not found
“/usr/share/jitsi-meet/static/404.html” failed

I am using the standard configuration of the jitsi website.

I can’t see the web in my subdomain, thanks in advance.