Nginx 1.18.0 issue

The stable nginx ppa I was using updated from 1.16.1 to 1.18.0 (for Ubuntu 18.04). That broke Jitsi-meet (no sound and disconnect after 10 sects or so…). went back to an older version of nginx and all was fine.

What version of nginx is supported?

I would like to run on Ubuntu 20.04, but I do not see an official announcement that it is supported, and the installation guide still says 18.04. Is Jitsi-Meet now officially supported for 20.04? Does anyone know what the default version of nginx is in the 20.04 repository?

We are using even newer version of nginx. Interesting what was the problem. 20.04 is supported and it works there …

I think I will maybe try an install with that. Of course, it means starting over with CIS Benchmarks… Maybe it will be easier second time around…