Nextcloud Jitsi Integration

Hi Everyone

I have installed Jitsi Integration app in Nextcloud set following parameters:


But it gives error when click on Join

Following is the error:


Please advise,

We used uses username password to initiate meetings on And it works without any issue. But it is not working with nextcloud

That app is not maintained by the Jitsi team, so you’ll be best served asking the owner of the app.

Okay, can we use authentication type “Internal_hashed” to use in Nextcloud app? or JWT is necessary?

It seems to be authentication issue. Currently, internal_hashed is configured

It’s integrating with Jitsi, so needs to be JWT.

Thank you :slight_smile:

can you please suggest how to install/configure JWT, right now i have internal_hashed authentication method.

I have debian 11 on which jitsi meet installed.

Thanks a lot. Jitsi Token is working as

now, I have provided JWT Secret (Defined in cfg.lua as app secret) in jitsi app at Nextcloud side. Also defined app ID. but it is showing me 404 error

This means that it is trying to access a nonexistent page. You may check it from your browser console

Yes absolutely right. But why it redirects me to a page which does not exist? Since we have created meeting in jitsi app in Nextcloud, it should redirect to right path.

Issue is that logs is are showing nothing. jvb.log, jicofo.log or prosody.log, does not indicate any errors so we can have clue.

Jitsi services cannot log the request which didn’t reach them.

The issue seems related with Nextcloud plugin. Maybe it’s better to ask the plugin developer

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I have tested Nextcloud jitsi plugin with , it working fine. So it seems something at my jitsi instance. Is there something to do at configuration of jitsi?

Did you check browser console log and network tab?

Console Log

Network Tab

@emrah Any idea did you get from Console logs of browser?

since Nextcloud app is working with so it may be something at jitsi instance. Our self hosted Jitsi is working without any issue directly and publicly.

Apache on which our jitsi is running, redirecting us /usr/share/jitsi-meet/static/404.html when nextcloud sends requests.


Is there something needs to add either in apache configuration or jitsi configuration?

Can you join the meeting if you write the address (which is in the second 404 line) to the browser address bar directly?

No, it says 404 not found, same error


Didn’t you say “Jitsi works”? Can you give an example for a working room address?

Jitsi is working

Does a room with a dash in its name work?

Hi thank you, at least we caught something.

you are right, not working and got same 404 error. (-) causing issue i guess

How to resolve this?