Next stable release?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know when the next stable release of jitsi-meet will be made? With the past pace, I thought a new would have been made in June or the first days of July, but there weren’t any =(

In the following days. The candidate is already in testing repo.


Good morning @damencho

Does connection over bosh will be still supported in the next stable release?


Yes, there are no plans of removing that.

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Thanks a lot for answering.

I somehow can’t find any info on what has changed in the stable versions. Is there any kind of summary for a release or do I have to roll through the change history on github?

a Changelog can be found on the release page but it’s not much more than a git commit list in fact; most people would have trouble parsing it to find that new stable is bringing lobby feature aka premeeting, end to end encryption (experimental) and explicit granting right of moderator.

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Thanks for the summary.

While I am used to commit messages, you are absolutely right that these are not for the regular user or even an admin who just has to maintain a system. Especially since a lot of commit-messages fix things that were introduced in a commit before or are minor fixes.

I’d wish for a blog entry or a post in here that gives some hints.