Newly installed Jitsi has issues

Good day, we succesfully installed jitsi on our server and upon testing it these problems arises:

  1. Creating a room is working and after allowing the Camera and Audio, it starts with this and stayed like that even if we tried to unmute.

  2. After a while, if somebody joins the room the host experience disconnection issues.


We installed Letsencrypt and added several subdomains like:
conference.[your jitsi domain]
auth.[your jitsi domain]
focus.[your jitsi domain]
jitsi-videobridge.[your jitsi domain]

-> /etc/prosody/conf.d/[YOUR JITSI DOMAIN].cfg.lua
-> /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config

If you have problems when a second peer joins, this most probably means that you have problems with Videobridge – it either is not working correctly or not working at all. Look at its log file, see if it connects to prosody and if jicofo sees it (they have log files of their own).

You need SSL certificate from a trusted CA only for the main domain – the additional domains you list are just components and virtual hosts inside the XMPP server Prosody, it can have self-signed there, in fact the deb packages take care of all this during the install.