Newest version of jitsi-meet-electron (23.1.0) crashes on screen sharing with ubuntu 22.04 on Wayland

I had installed the newest version of jitsi-meet-electron 23.1.0 ([jitsi-meet-amd64.deb) on my machine (Ubuntu 22.04). Within a wayland session - which is default on Ubuntu 22.04 - the app crashes whenever one tries screen sharing. I had a frozen image once, but most of the time the app simply closes down. I have also tried to install the latest AppImage, which causes exactly the same type of crash.
When opening an online session on Brave or Chrome, screen sharing is simply impossible within a Wayland session, with the single exception of other browser pages in Brave resp. Chrome. Finally even the Firefox (snap) crashes in a Wayland session when one tries to share a screen.
Unfortunately, this makes it almost impossible for me to use the latest versions of the electron app. Therefore I have decided to re-install the 22.12.0 version for the time being. I hope that it will be possible to reproduce the problem and to of course to resolved it as soon as possible.
My machine is an Ubuntu 22.04.1, Gnome 42.5 and Wayland.

I have exactly the same problem. A workaround is to switch back from Wayland to Xorg (by uncommenting %WaylandEnable=false in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf), then screen sharing on jitsi works fine for me. So the problem seems to be between jitsi and Wayland.

As workaround, I have switched back to 22.12.0, because I don’t like to switch back to and fro to Xorg. if you forget to switch back and you are in a meeting and have to share your screen, you get an unpleasant shutdown. For me personally, the solution to change custom.conf doesn’t seem a right solution, since I prefer to work with Wayland. If Jitsi wants its open source systems (which are great!!) to work on Linux it should take this problem seriously, because it seems that Wayland is the future, and Xorg the past.

It is not only the electron app that doesn’t work on wayland. Screensharing is impossible with the chromium based browsers I use (Brave; Chrome) and the Firefox snap version closes down too, in a way that is very similar to what happens with the electron app.

The problem is not related with Jitsi and nothing to do on Jitsi side. It is related with Wayland and browsers.

The only change in this version is Electron. So this is an Electron bug I’m afraid.

There is an obvious link with Electron, and with (chromium-based) browsers and Wayland too. Even though I have little knowledge of background architecture and programming, I still have the impression that must be some Jitsi-specific factors too. I have other Electron apps, such as Teams-for-linux (that I use only to participate in meetings organised by others), which seem to work properly with full functionality, including screen sharing.

If a piece of JS code crashes the browser (Electron in this case) it’s a browser bug. There is not much we can do.