Newbie with Problems

Hello Community…
I‘m a Jitsi and on top a Linux newbie with a couple of problems regarding Screen sharing and remote Control. We are running on Ubuntu 18.04 and Jitsi-meet-web 1.0.4074-1 (Installation is based on the Jitsi YouTube Video ‚ New tutorial: Installing Jitsi Meet on your own Linux Server‘).

When we connect with iOS or Android App, everything looks fine (Video & Voice), but when a third connection is established, the video signal stops.

When we connect with Jitsi Meet Electron Windows application, and try to share a screen, the other side only see an Icon with a monitor in it. When trying to request remote control, the immediately error pops up ‚ An error occurred while trying to start remote control session‘.

I will be very thankfull for every Tipps

Thanks a lot and take care


Check firewall, port-forwarding and that jvb reports correct public address. That is covered in the advanced section in quick install guide