Newbie questions

Hi, i’m new on jitsi, and would like to know some details:

Running ubuntu 18.04 lts - apache2.

  1. which modules are needed by jitsi?
  2. how they interact?
  3. how to install my own certs (root certs and server certs)?
  4. how to login and have a conference (i wasn’t able to do it even inside my network).

I’m asking all to understand what may be wrong.

I installed it and am able to access in my internal network (behind NAT) from outside, my browser reports ssl_protocol_error (yes, ports and forward are open and working for other apps).

Thanks in advance.

This depends on how you install it and your server provider, since images differs a lot

During installation it’s shown which script run to use certbot

Probably you wronged something during installation

Jitsi no more use apache2, now it use NGINX that’s far better

Thx for answering.

my home server, LAMP

i already have root and server certs, working on variours services on this server.

i’m able to connect to jitsi on my internal network, and it opens directly to conference room. I’m asking for the authenticatin scheme, for registered users only.

well, i use apache and will not change to nginx. is it possible to have jitsi working with apache in a decent way? at least i have it working, even if at the very beginning.


No more, as far as I know

Good luck! Apache is heavy on disk + ram usage I prefer a lot NGINX

Then you should set it manyally following the “manual installation” tutorial on GitHub

You should follow the "secure website tutorial on GitLab


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