Newbie Questions: Unable to use external mic, possible to save recording to desktop, and how many users

Totally new to Jitsi but web developer. Trying to get up to speed on using Jitsi desktop but noticing some issues out of the box. I have a HD webcam with a built-in mic and an external mic. For some reason when I go to the Jitsi meet room URL there is no way to select the external microphone so it can’t be used. Can anyone help with this?

Also is it possible to record and save to desktop?

And finally how many people can join a Jitsi Meet room?


I’m probably 2hrs ‘older’ than you here (lol), but I think I can answer some of your questions (just based off of my research so far).

  1. To specify your mic source, you need to look on the vertical ellipsis on the lower-right corner of the Jitsi screen. Click on it and then click on ‘Settings’ on the menu that pops up. You will get a window pop-up with the first tab defaulting to where you can select your mic, camera and sound sources.
  2. I’m not absolutely certain about this (if you have a local server installation), but I think as far as the website is concerned, you can only record to Dropbox.
  3. If you’re using the server that’s freely available, there’s a hard cap of 75 people (reportedly, for performance reasons), but even then, you’re advised to stay under 35 video feeds, because anything above that, the performance will suffer.

Again, I’m pretty much a newbie like you, so you might want to verify these information with those who have been around much longer and know more about Jitsi.