Newbie Question About Browsing to Jitsi Server?


So exactly how does this thing work? After installing Jitsi on a VM, I am able to browse to the “Start A New Meeting Page” by just doing: with no port number.

I am confused about how this actually is working? When I created my VM I chose Ubuntu 16.04 and the LAMP install. So all I have in the /var/www/html folder is the Apache2 default html file. I would expect a browse to to show the default apache2 page instead of the Jitsi page?

How is Jitsi getting the “Start A New Meeting” html page?




By adding new virtualhost in your apache2 config, which seems to be handled before your default one.


After install the jitsi server, I have noticed that there is no feature to shared documents, and presentation and option to record a meeting. How Can I configure this options as well as secure domain to limite access only authorized people.

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You need to deploy your instance of etherpad and configure the link in config.js.
For recording you need to setup jibri,


Thanks damencho.

Now, can I use jitsi for a one to many broadcast? And if so how many users can view the broadcast with minimum latency and decent video/audio quality?



it is not easy to configure. Maybe I forgot something.