Newbie idiot (me) can't join a meeting. help

Hello good people. I am a dad of 3 trying to join a meeting on Jitsi for my kids school. We are in Spain and under lockdown. We can join meetings on the cellphone but not from the PC. ?? We need our cellphone for work .Why not jitsi? I can Meet or webex or hangout but not jitsi. Can someone help? I should be forever in your debt. Cheers, Roy

What is the problem when you join Jitsi? Are you getting some kind of error message?

Try joining Jitsi through latest Chrome browser. Preferred.

Firefox and latest Edge should work fine too.

please make sure you havent blocked the camera and microphone in your browser.

Hi. Thanks for getting in touch. my kids teacher send a message with a meeting name. We go to jitsi but it just opens a new meeting with the same name

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Jitsi opens these and I can see myself when I type a meeting name. It just doesn’t join the meeting where everyone else is.


Hi Roy. What Browser (Brave, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Vivaldi, etc) and Operating System (Windows 10, MacOS Catalina, ChromeOS, etc) are you using?

Hi. We use chrome. I also use chrome in the mobile phone and jitsi works fine.

Thank you all for your help. My wife has managed it. It seems that the Jitsi put a new name (some random default) and we were typing on top of it. Clearing this line first seems to have done the trick.

Many thanks again, you are good people!

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If you use a link like it’ll ask you to make a room for yourself. You can replace the random room name and enter your own if you know the name where hopefully you’re being asked for a password . If not contact the school directly. Thank you for letting us know what happened and that you’re your up and running.

That was it!