Newb question: Can Jitsi be used like this

Hi, sorry for such a newb question, but I literally just discovered this community. I’m looking to add voice chat, ideally also video chat, to an existing website. I don’t want to exit the page, and I don’t want it overtaken by a large widget or something. I have an external meeting API that can provide usernames and email addresses. Can I somehow use Jitsi to have them added to the meeting, with minimal disruption? I don’t mind putting the Jitsi logo or paying for the service, I just need to know if this is possible.
Bonus: My web site is actually an interactive multi-user webGL 3d experience (Unity build), would it be possible to ‘pipe’ the individual user audios into that, either actual audio, or the fact that someone is speaking (so I can make the speaker’s avatar pulsate while they are talking)?

Thanks I saw that. I’m not sure what it means for us though: does it need to display an iframe (always visible), and and what size, etc? I’m hoping for a very minimal ‘footprint’ on the page.
Can I access the API in such a way as to intercept individual speaker’s audio tracks? Or at least know who is speaking at any given time?

You can specify parameters on how you want the iFrame to be displayed on your page.

Jitsi has a focus indicator that shows who’s speaking (loudest). So if people are not talking over one another, then it will always show who is speaking at any given time.

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