New Wish: automatic Audio Check before entering a Conference


we often face Audio Problems in Conferences with unexperienced Users: mic too quiet, too much noise, feedback and feedback generating Echoes (mostly when not using a headset).

Such a User can somehow make the complete meeting having catastrophic Audio if he just opens his mic.

My Suggestion: please implement some Audio Checkup before allowing to enter a Meeting (maybe activated by the meeting admin).

Checks should:

  1. warn if no Mic and Speaker are accessible (no problem to enter anyway, though)

  2. check that the Mic Level when the user is speaking reaches at least -18dB FS but does not clip and suggest to adjust Mic amplification to do that if not.

  3. check that Noise Level on Mic is below an absolute Maximum of -40dBFS. For that, User should be instructed to allow mic access and just be quiet for 2-3 seconds. Since mic level was adjusted before, that should be a KO-Kriteria to enter a meeting.

  4. playback some short audio and monitor for feedback of it on the mic input. That also should be at least below -40dB so the User will not produce echoes by re-submitting the conference audio from his speakers via his own mic.

Maybe the db levels should be adjusted or adjustable or overridable by the Moderator.

Such a short checkup could eliminate many problems in conferences which can cause severe time loss to just identify them later.

This is already (somewhat) available. If you click on the cog wheel on the pre-screening page, you can access the ‘Settings’ pop-up box where you can:

  1. Select which device to use
  2. Check the microphone level
  3. Check the audio level