New Videobridges and Custom Controllers

Hey everyone, I am working with a group of other summer software interns for a small startup. We have been looking into how to scale in Kubernetes. Currently, we have our jicofo, prosody, and web containers all in one jitsi deployment, and we have our jvb in a stateful set with a HPA that scales when CPU utilization reaches 50%.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has a simple way to setup a NodePort service on a unique dedicated port for every new videobridge. Currently, we are using a custom Decorator Controller to set up the new service binding to a port defined by a base port for each shard plus the number of the videobridge pod. We are using a startup script from a company’s repo we found online, but we don’t know if there is a better way to do this.

Hi Marco,

How did you set up your loadbalancing for this ? Or your nodes are public facing ?