New video call starting without user initiation after user's desktop comes out of workscreen

Hi Team,
Again thank you for wonderful piece of coding that helps us all get through those challenging times.

I have Jitsi + prosody 0.11 integrated with server.
Some users are experiencing strange behaviour. When they are logged in to chat and their workstation is locked, after coming out of locked status the chat instigates the video call on their own without user pressing any buttons. It starts call to the last user they chatted with or on the last group they chatted to. And if users click to join - there is no one there to host, it says the call has ended, but then the call is initiated again and again until user notices and restarts his session.
The trick is the users don’t know that their account is doing this - until someone calls them using normal phone to ask to stop. It also sounds like a security concern, as this bug enables camera and mic on their workstation without their action.
The cases we observed all happened on MacOS Catalina , app was 2.17.3 (newer versions unfortunately had problem asking MacOS to give them control over camera and mic, so we had to make decision to use older version).

Is this something other people exeprienced before ? can we somehow correct this behaviour. If there is something more you can advise to debug it - much approeciated.
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You can try reproducing same on, do you see the same in the browser?
I’m pretty sure there are some events we fire through the api that can be used and avoid this in the integrating Apps.

Hi @damencho,

I asked users to actually reproduce this in browser or app with developers console on and recording the events. For now I don’t have more data to report but I will revert back once they give me something.
I was hoping this might be in the known errors database and with solution already. But anyway - thanks for responding!


What is the browser used? We had few hooks about computer suspended detection in chrome not sure about FF. I’m saying that we had done whatever we can and there is nothing more we can do and this can be handled from the integrating App(Rocket Chat).
We had also added computer power monitor in the electron app to detect cases like this in case if electron is used.

I understand. I will channel the discussion over on the app development as most users are using electron app version 2.17.3
I will ask them to upgrade, but as I mentioned newer versions were having issues with permissions to access cam and mic in MacOS.

There is which deals with detecting those situations, needs to be integrated in the electron app.