New user question, video float?

Hi, I am looking to see if Jitsi has the ability to have the video conference screen FLOAT or lay on top of other pograms so I can see/hear my student but it is on top of the program they are working in?
This picture seems to show this in your program but I cannot get it to work.
thanks for any help.


When you start screen sharing, your camera is muted. Unmute the camera and you’ll get “presenter mode”, shown in your screenshot.

I am not looking to be in screenshare mode- that is what the picture is in that I posted I now realize. When using Skype which allows video ON TOP, both the teacher and student can still be using any app on their end and the small video of the other person “lays on top.”

That is not what you are saying this one does are you?



Hi , has anyone able to make video floating over another application , similar to ON TOP functionality mentioned in previous reply

Did you happen to get a solution for this?. I am also looking for similar feature where in need for video to be floating without screen share.

@ruchikatw and @adhavan_palaniappan

If you use the desktop app (Windows or Mac), it has this feature. It’s called “Always on Top Window” and can be found in the settings panel, under the “Advanced” section. It allows Jitsi to float when you navigate to another application.

Thank you very much for response @Freddie

Do you foresee this feature being available in Browser based access of Jitsi in coming days

I really don’t know. I haven’t seen any mention of it. Doesn’t seem like a much-requested feature.