New User - Just A Few Questions

  • Is there a way to schedule meetings?
  • What resolutions is Jitsi video by default?
  • is there a way to link Jitsi to a URL shortener to shorten meeting links?

Welcome to the forum!

Not by default. The idea is to have the meetings right away, on demand. This concept contradicts with the one of having the ability to “reserve” a meeting name when scheduling it.
That said, you can always use an external system to schedule the meetings - either a different communication media or a portal website or app that you integrate Jitsi with. To get a full control over this room reserving and scheduling you will need to use your own Jitsi Meet deployment.

The server defaults to 720p, but the platform tries to adapt to the load, so the resolution will change during the call. You can set your own restrictions in a custom deployment.

Not by default.
You can always use an external URL shortener if you have a custom deployment with website integration like the mentioned above. In fact if you have mentioned reservation system on a custom deployment, you can make sure the URLs are short enough, just by using short room names when reserving and scheduling them.

How do I set it?

Here - Secure Domain setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook

nevermind I already have that setup. How do I set the default resolution?

Look for “resolution” and “constraints” in config.js: