New user for Jitsi Meet: Poor video quality

I just tried two person-to-person video contacts. The video quality was poor. By the second call, I realized that even with the Settings->Manage Video Quality set to HD, the icon in the upper right said the quality was LD. Everything else I tried worked, but I need better video quality.

Q: What could be causing this issue?

We were using browser based Jitsi meet coordinated using the site. Cable Internet on both ends. MacBook Pro & Firefox on one end. Recent corporate laptop with Windows on the other end. For comparison Zoom and Skype do work acceptably between these two endpoints.


Don’t quote me because I’m really just as new here (lol), but I’ve read that Firefox generally is a bad player. I don’t know if that accounts for the poor feed resolution you’re reporting, but I’ve read in conversations here that Firefox is not very Jitsi-friendly. Perhaps try another browser, just in case?