New user confused about lifetime of rooms and passwords

I am not running a server, I am using

Simply for family/personal use, we are trying to use jitsi meet, most often on android devices.

Assume I “own” a meeting, and I set up a room called ABCDEF with password 1234.

Here are my questions:

  1. When the meeting is over and everyone has left room ABCDEF, and a few days later we agree to another meeting using that same room ABCDEF, will the same password (1234) still be in effect?

  2. Because I created room ABCDEF with password 1234 - and, assuming other family members have NOT shared the password with anyone else - will room ABCDEF be unavailable to other people to use as a room, since they will not know the password attached to room ABCDEF?

  3. Assume after a while everyone agrees we no longer want to communicate via Jitsi. How do I “delete” the room?

  4. How do I remove a room from appearing in the list of rooms on the android app? (I no longer wish to participate in that room, so there is no longer any reason for that room to appear in the list of rooms on my android app.)

Thank you in advance for help with these questions.

Don’t. is a public server, you don’t own anything on it. If you want real privacy, use a server you are paying for and secure it.

You don’t have to delete a room, when the last person exits it it is removed.
To remove from the list (not a very useful thing to do), hold the entry, swipe a bit to the left, you will make appear 2 buttons to get info about the room or to delete it.

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