New unstable Jitsi Jibri and JVB no connect

Hello something are very very wrong with unstable latest jitsi. After I upgrade for latest unstable now many things are go wrong like so:-
a) If I are do recording, jibri are enter meeting no probleme and he say he recorde no problem but when I are look recording file, jibri only are show avatar for moderator. He no record video or audio of any patisipante even I have 4 patisepante in meeting.
b) When I stop jibri recording the meeting are crash and he show reconnecting
He look like jibri no connect to jvb so he no see and hear anybody.
This problemes no happens before and only thing I are do I upgrade latest unstable. Please check this problemes.

Hello anybody are know what are wrong?
I check all logs he no show no error.

Nobody are know?