New UI Button (add functionality)

Diving in deeper - does anybody have a pointer/tutorial on how best to add a button to the interface? I’d settle for something as basic as adding a button/icon with a simple js alert function to get going. I’ve tried a few methods for modifying the react calls under /react/toolbox as well as building a new component and trying to register it, but obviously I’ve overlooked some hook somewhere since nothing is coming up roses!

Specifically: looking to create two buttons, but the most interesting to me would be to expose a “camera toggle” button on the main UI instead of settings panel. If anyone has that worked out, even better!

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Hate to do this, but…bump? Anyone have pointers that reference the latest toolbox/ui code? Search is pretty unhelpful as most goes to old-style edits.

Second this, I need some help on this too please! :laughing:

Same here ! little guidance will be really helpful

As stated, even something as simple as adding a button/icon with a simple js alert function would be very nice. Can someone please point to the right direction?
I have looked at this thread, but it seems too complicated for me to understand