New To Jitsi

Been playing with a few choices such as RTCMulticonnection and Ant Media for a WebRTC solution for 1 to Many broadcasting. Would Jitsi Videobridge allow 1 to Many broadcasting with a decent latency?

There are a lot of other packages available here. Is the jitsi-videobridge2_2.1-197-g38256192-1_all the only package I need for 1 to Many broadcasting?



For installation i recommend you to follow the quick install guide:

when I do yogaclasses for one to many i have 50ms latency for people joining across Europe and 8ms inside the same network.

This is how I have configured my jitsi installation for one to many:
"one to many" conference configuration in server jvb component

Wow. That’s not bad. How many viewers do you average?

I typically have 10-20 remote participants. I need more users to find out if i have any bottlenecks :slight_smile:

What is the difference between Meet and Videobridge?

meet is the webinterface
nginx + prosody xmpp server + jicofo
meet can connect users p2p directly
videobridge is used when you have 3+ users, then all audo and video is routed through the videobridge SFU.

look at the network overview here:

Videobridge is being advertised to reach thousands? What kind of server is needed?

A single server can handle 200 participants when participants are in different rooms.
A single server can handle 20 people in one room all with video enabled
A single server can handle 100 people in one room where only a handful have video enabled
A single server + jibri can stream to google to reach 1000+ viewers

Still confused about how this all fits together. If I just install meet, does that also install Videobridge? There are many parts to this that is confusing me. All I want to do is live stream one way to many viewers. Like Facebook.

Also, will this work in an Ubuntu 20.4 server?