New to Jitsi - some basic questions

Hi guys,
i just stumbled across Jitsi and maybe that’s what we are looking for.
We are a research institute, and our computing center has a windows domain with AD for all our coworkers.
Our need would be at maximum two concurrent meetings with each about 15 participants.
But that’s very rare, normally would be one meeting with maximum 15 participants sifficient.
What server power would be necessary for that ? Memory, hd space and CPU ?
And if we connect Jitsi with LDAP to the AD, is then any user from the AD able to create his own meetings or is one account necessary for creating the meetings for the others ? This is what we have currently with GotoMeeting and it’s annoying.
How is the connection between the participants ? Is it peer to peer or are all just “talking” with the server ?

  • 4CPUs and 8GB RAM should suffice for the Jitsi setup unless you require recordings of meetings. This would require an additional server running Jibri.
  • An additional TURN server might be necessary depending on networking conditions of the clients as well as the Jitsi server (NAT, UDP blocked…).
  • HDD space is negligible.
  • I never used the LDAP authentication but a correct configuration should give every user the permission to create a meeting, afaict.
  • connections are peer-to-peer in a 2 participant meeting, if a direct connection succeeds. In all other cases, media streams are routed through the Videobridge (SFU part of the Jitsi setup) which handles forwarding of appropriate streams to the respective clients.

I’d suggest to give the docker setup a try as described in Self-Hosting Guide - Docker · Jitsi Meet Handbook
It is easy and quick to setup and will give you a good overall impression of self-hosting a Jitsi Meet instance.