New server, new problems with SIP!

Hello community,
We had to switch servers and went with AWS in mid June. Since then I was unable to make Jigasi work…
Bare metal ubuntu 18.04 install
Jitsi installed from repo, it is a newer version than the one on the old server that was dating from mid april 2020.
Secure Domain enabled (prosody)

On the back-end, logs all look normal, Jigasi connects and Prosody logs confirm. Jigasi connects to the VOIP provider with no issue, we disabled every bit of firewall and protection on the server to make sure that it does not interfere during tests.

Jigasi was installed using apt install, like on the previous server.

When I dial-out on screen, it get errors in the console as I enter the numbers:

When I click Invite, I get this on screen:

And this in the console:

Again, @damencho, any Idea? Or some advanced users?

Forgot to unfold parts of the last console capture…

Thought this might be useful:



Checkout jigasi logs, jicofo does not see jigasi to use it and responds service unavailable as there is no jigasi to serve the request according to jicofo.
You better configure jigasi to use mucs as this is still not automatic in the installer

How do you achieve that on automatic startup? (or in a container)


And also… what the hell is BOSH! I use prosody jicofo etc… But I often see that BOSH thing, what is it?

Also, our previous config was using this… I don’t understand how to not use the component from the gitHub documentation…


Bidirectional Streams Over HTTP: allow Web clients (Javascript) to connect to Prosody (XMPP server) over HTTP. Prosody listens to Bosh on port 5280 - web clients don’t connect directly to port 5280, Nginx does the proxying.
Jvb and Jicofo don’t use bosh, the connection is to port 5222 native XMPP protocol (Xml streams).