New security option in JM nightly: padlock preferred

Dear Devs,
thanks a lot for combining the security settings under one common tab!
A little suggestion from a user view point:

the new shield (?) icon is nice but I still suggest to replace it with a padlock (red/orange/green) according to security level):

red: neither room password nor e2ee set
orange: room password set
green: e2ee set (with optional additionally set room password)

as a padlock is simply more intuitive for the user.

kind regards and thx for the great work!

I am very much looking forward for implementation of the e2ee key management - I am aware that this is probably a huge work but it would be great for the community (and reputation for Jitsi Meet) if this feature would be available in similar time frame as Zooms’ e2ee implementation (open source vs proprietary solution).
best regards, MS