New recording system doesn't work fine, and MP4 was better than WEBM

The new recording system in Jitsi doesn’t seem to work fine:
I cannot record all speakers, but only me. The previous system was perfect. Please make it possible again quickly. THANKS

Such as the previous format MP4 was easier to manage and edit later, than WEBM.

Local Recording does save files as MP4 if your browser supports it, otherwise it falls back to webm.

Alas in Chrome on Mac, mp4 is not supported hence it saves as webm.

Does not work how? It seems to work fine for me as long as you choose the correct tab.

The “previous system” i.e. server-side recording is still supported by Jitsi and is still usable if you have your own deployment or if you use JaaS or It is only on that it has been disabled (for now?).

  1. Macintosh is my case: so the recorded file is WEBM. :frowning:

  2. It seems to be impossible to record all voices and not only mine one (it was automatically possible in the previous system).

  3. in the previous system I received the MP4 recorded file via Dropbox :slight_smile: ) (where all speakers where recorded). Is it still possible to use that easier way…?

Thanks, regards :pray:

just select the correct tab

it is the last option when the window prompt

Recording conference now is working fine on Macintosh too.
…could be possible to have the option to save the recorded file as voice only, as an MP3 directly…?