New React Native Library - Relying on native side

Hello everyone,

In the last two months i started working with jitsi meet sdk on a react native app, honestly i encountered a lot of problems with the current library and i started fixing some issues there but i didn’t manage to complete the project and get a stable meeting. After some time i realized that if we implement the SDK on the native side with (Activity for Android and View Controller for iOS part) we get a better result and we can explore more features.

So i published this library on github maybe it will help someone else who has faced the same problems as me.

I’m looking forward to add more features.

Feel free to contribute :wink:

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Thanks for sharing!

Generally I think that approach is problematic because on iOS there will be 2 instances of RN running. On Android it’s just 1, but the dependency shenanigans are tricky to handle.

I think the way forward is for us to provide a RN package, built off the same sources as the native SDK / App.

I totally agree with you, the best way is to implement the Jitsi SDK like the iOS and Android SDK, it will be more optimized!

But also i didn’t face any problem of RN instances in the iOS app.

And i think that the Jitsi SDK in this package is wrapped in a clean way, and many of RN libraries rely on Storyboards and ViewControllers like the way we implemented them to use the native iOS side.

Sure, but there is a waste of resources: you have 2 JS engine threads, for example. There are also problems with plugins that perform dynamic class lookups in the ObJC runtime, if both our SDK and the app use the same library.

Yes you’re absolutely right it’s not optimized and if the RN side uses the same libraries as the SDK that will cause problems.
As i told you before i built this package to avoid the problems that i encountered in the current react-native package and i’m looking forward to build a package that works like the native SDKs.

Can you explain me i detail i was having some issue in it or i have to post my own post.

Do you still face the issue ?
You can open a new issue here