New Prosody modules to control a tokenized room: token_affiliation and token_owner_party

These are two new Prosody modules to control a tokenized conference room. Use these with token_verification

Token Affiliation
This module sets the occupant’s affiliation according to the token content. Like the token_moderation module but with a different approach.

Token Owner Party
This module prevents the unauthorized users to create a room and terminates the conference when the owner leaves.


A new module for the time restricted conference


How can I use it in docker?
Is there any documentation for this?

I didn’t try to install Jitsi using Docker before. Therefore I don’t know how to apply.

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Nice plugins, thank you. We came to almost same behaviour as your token affiliation by modifying original token_moderation plugin.
Can you mention here also the difference between token_moderation and token_affiliation plugins? The main one being that token_moderation doesn’t allow the “grant moderator” user action (it’s present, but not actionable) during conference and your plugin does :wink:

When token_moderation is active, Jitsi thinks that it manages the affiliations but actually token_moderation manages them. This causes some issue on some circumstances.

When token_affiliation is active, first we disabled the auto-ownership and Jitsi knows that it doesn’t manages the affiliations. And token_affiliation doesn’t intercept the Jitsi’s set_affiliation mechanism, it works as expected.

I used the token_moderation first and I learned how things works and how I could change the behaviour analysing this modules then I added my changes

Hi @emrah,

Can we use this with secure domain authentication? I have activated secure domain authentication previously in my jitsi meet server

Which one?
yes for mod_time_restricted.lua

Oh Ok,

Just to confirm, i don’t have to use token authentication for mod_time_restricted .lua right?

Thanks for your information


hello @emrah Can you please explain the difference between token_affiliation and mod_muc_allowners ?

How can I use mod_muc_allowners with jwt?
I’m trying to use multi-tenant(result in subdomain) thing so is it possible to use token_affiliation with it?

mod_muc_allowners gives the owner (moderator) status to all participants. token_affiliation sets the status according to the token content.

Install jitsi-meet-tokens and enable mod_muc_allowners at the same time.

token_affiliation doesn’t check the domain (this is the job of token_verification). it checks only the affiliation value.

Does token_affiliation also ensures that if moderator kicked out from a meeting(due to internet conn) then the moderator rights won’t shift to other user?

This is controlled by jicofo. If auto ownership is disabled in the jicofo config, the moderator rights don’t shift to other user

Yes, I have disabled it. so if a person A (moderator) rejoin the call then will it get all the moderator rights back?


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Thanks a lot for helping me out. :slight_smile:

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I add it to my docker container and it works!
Thank you for this. :slight_smile:
But after terminating the session it is starting to reconnect!


I don’t want this retrying.
Is it any way to configure your plugin to terminate without retrying?

It doesn’t try to reconnect on my side. I didn’t try the Dockerized installation

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using outcast doesn’t notify the client. I tried this method to close a room

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