New Prosody module to automatically start recording: jibri autostart

Jibri Autostart
This plugin automatically starts recording when the moderator comes into the room.


Good one, @emrah! Thanks! :+1:t5:

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From your code, it seems that recording is initiated from a moderator by sending an IQ to Jicofo. Good to know, you did the research for us, thanks :-). The protocol is probably not documented, if it is the case, it could be subject to change at any time.

Second thing: this automatic recording could lead to some troubles for moderators. Imagine a person creating a room and intending to launch the invites to other jitster, but before sending them is distracted and start to do something personal, maybe receiving a personal phone call before the camera, not thinking that it could be recorded. For general consumption, in my opinion it would be better to by default automatically start the recording when 2 real people are in the room, only keeping the current behaviour as an option explicitly set by the site manager.

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