New Pin for each session?

If this is answered elsewhere I apologize. I searched before posting and didn’t find anything.

So i’d like to explore Jitsi to use for clients for something like counseling calls. If I use the same link, I’d just have clients dial in with the number and pin code. My concern is that the same link produces the same number and pin code every time which means technically past clients could dial in even if I’m on a call with someone else right? More than awkward it’d be a total fail. I also have other contracted counselors I’d like to use this so I don’t want to keep changing the link but each of us have just one link to have clients connect to.

Is there any way to produce unique dial-in session links/pin numbers per session or some other way to get to what I’m looking for?

I suppose you are asking this in regards to

Every conference link has an id which gives the pin, the only way to have different pins is to have different urls. You cannot have same url different pins.

The idea is that you create an event in your calendar and using the extension you enter meeting details in the event (generate a unique meeting url for the event), so others can join. They are getting the details like meeting name, pin and numbers from the calendar entry. This is the normal workflow most of the users follow.

Ok thanks. I guess the workaround is adding a number to represent the session.

Example: the next one session-02 and so on.