New Open Source Software to manage Jitsi Meetings to avoid pranks and secure your meetings

Hey all together,
i already wrote it in some posts about our new open source project.

We had some issus with the problem of overtaking jitsi meetings by the first participants and we faced the problem that rooms where not plannable by moderators or pranks entered the meeting.
To avoid this, we build the jitsi-admin, an open source tool, which works like a gatekeeper that allows to organize meeting, invate participants, and set the role of the participants correct. So the organizer is always the moderator.

The participants can only enter the room with their personal link and you can enforce, that users have be loged in to the platform, so not only the email is enough.

We put the platform free for everyone, so you can add your own server on the settings, even with jwt authentication or open and start directly to plan your meeting.
or you can download the platform from github

and host it by yourself.

Up to now it is only in german, but we already started with the english translation and we need help to translate it to english and to french.

I can translate it to chinese.

hello @topgun
this would be so great.
I added chinese as new language in crowdin.
You just need to register theere and then you can translate the texts. The texts will be then pushed directly into the repo.

Best regards

The jitsi-admin can now be used to schedule meetings as you know it from “doodle”. But we do not use any doodle components so you still have full controll about your data.

After all participants voted you can directly transform the scheduling to a meeting with on click.

I hope you all like the new extension of the software.

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