New UI - hiding command bar

When sharing documents, the new user interface hides information.
Sometimes the command bar disappears by itself, while in the previous UI, after some time of mouse inactivity, it was possible to use the full screen.
Is there any way to avoid seeing the command bar?

Thanks, Furio

You need that bar in order to stop sharing the document.

we can stop sharing using the popup bar, but people that see the shared document (not who is sharing) see allways the static black command bar, that hide the bottom part of the document.

Wait, are you sharing your screen or using Etherpad for document sharing?

The situation: black command bar and popup sharing bar: the first hides part of the document

I see now. You are doing screen sharing. We currently always show the toolbar when you move the mouse across. If you stop it will be hidden.

Thank you: the bar is hidden in Android tablets but sometime not in Windows 10 + Chrome (via web not Jitsi app).
Now in test all is working well.