New Local recording options vs "old" recording in the jibri server

I did not find any complete suitable information about this in the forums, please redirect me if already answered.

Before Summer’22 => jitsi/jibri stores the recorded files in the same server. A record-user will join the meeting and record the meeting in a file on the same jibri server.

After Summer’22 => jitsi/jibri send recorded file to user / to DropBox. The user chooses/share what he wants to record and he gets a file.

Can we keep using the “old” recoding procedure and get recorded files in the jibri server? Because AFAIK the new procedure requires to change the config.js and we did not find any option for remote-storage at jibri server:


enableRecording: true,
//OLD liveStreamingEnabled: true,
//OLDfileRecordingsEnabled: true,
//OLDfileRecordingsServiceEnabled: false,
//OLD fileRecordingsServiceSharingEnabled: false,

localRecording: {
                    disable: false,
                    notifyAllParticipants: true,
                    disableSelfRecording: false

Thank you!!!

There are 3 types of recording storage right now. Local, Dropbox and Recording service (handled on the local jibri machine and storage handled by the script jibri/reference.conf at 260cee3a118462aa419ff3b2e0ca2ac4645b7a92 · jitsi/jibri · GitHub).

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Works like a charm, THANK YOU!