New JVB merge (non-octo) announcement?


I heard on the community call yesterday it was mentioned that the new JVB merge for non-octo implementations will be later this week.

Will you make an announcement? how will we know when it is ready?

Am excited to get the team to test it.


Yup, I’ll post an announcement on the community when we merge and give a rundown of the state of things.

excellent, thanks!

Just wanted to check if you are expecting the merge this week? thanks Daryl

Nope, afraid we didn’t make it this week due to some discussions around handling the debian package for the bridge, since we’ll need to have both side-by-side for some time. We’re now targeting next week.

thank you for the update @bbaldino :facepunch:

Just a (proactive) heads up, looks like we won’t hit this week either. We’re very close, but there’s one potential blocker we want to look into and some other priorities came up. We’re continuing to work on bugs we had considered non-blockers, so that’ll hopefully just speed up the next phase of the process (beta on before pushing to

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it, the code is all available, it’s just not in master. You can look at the nlj-jvb branch in jitsi-videobridge to see the new bridge code (and run it, if you like; the process is the same as the old bridge).

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Thank you for the update


congrats on the merge @bbaldino! we look forward to testing more in our lab

Thanks @darylhutchings, look forward to any feedback you’ve got.

Can anyone please help me to sortout this issue. Need to test that whether it's working or not after enabling OCTO Thank you.