New Jitsi version missing APP.conference.addConferenceListener

We used to subscribe our own code to some events (,, …) but in the new Version of Jitsi (jan 2021) suddenly, without deprecation warning, the APP.conference.addConferenceListener no longer exists in the conference.js

Can someone please explain me how to subscribe my own JS code to these events?

Fyi: the APP.conference.addListener function doesn’t seem to work - the registered code never gets executed.

we have the same issue here. No more addConferenceListener.
I didn’t seen any commit about that on the jitsi’s github.
Have you managed to make it work since your post?

Solved by calling APP.conference._room.on instead of APP.conference.addConferenceListener - this is exactly what addConferenceListener used to do.

A bit ugly that we have to use the private _room directly, but this works at least.

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Oh, nice !
Thanks for that.

Tho, the .events property of JitsiMeetJS (called from the external API, as you may think) disapeared too !
So can’t really listen to (as exemple)

Did you encouter the same thing ?

Interesting - but no we didn’t encounter that. We only subscribe to, CONFERENCE_JOINED and KICKED.

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I see !
JitsiMeetJS seems only to have an app property in the TOP context, but have events and the others props on the IFRAME context.

I hope I don’t bother you too much, but may I ask you how you access JitsiMeetJS ? I suppose it’s not only from the devtools(where you can easily switch context)

So, actually, just doing : APP.conference._room.on('your_event_as_a_string', (data) => // your code) is working well, witouth requiring call the JitsiMeetJS object.

Right - we don’t access the JitsiMeetJS directly.

Glad my findings could help you. :slight_smile: