New Jitsi Version has invite button when alone in the call - how can we hide it?

We have updated our staging-environment but now a new button appears in the clients that allows you to add people

As we have developed our own invite logic we would like to hide the new button. Any chance this can be achieved without forking the system?

Have you tried removing the invite from toolbars buttons

Thanks for the reply! Just got scolded from the team for not specifying that we are talking about iOS & Android - sorry! Is there a way to config that as well?

@damencho is there a similar iOS/Android feature or do we have to fork the source code for a lack of config options?

I’m not sure for mobile, I think a fork is needed. For sure interfaceConfig is ont taken into account there.

We have the same requirement. We have built our own invite and scheduling functionality which builds the content to share. Any update on whether this can be suppressed?

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Just noted that the share content also relates to the jitsi mobile app as well as a dial-in via a US tel number which makes it impossible to use with our own servers…